VIP Sessions

When Aging in Place is No Longer an Option, Continue to be Involved in the Care of Your Loved One

VIP Sessions – Visibility, Integrity, Protection

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” C.S. Lewis

We believe you deserve complete Visibility when it comes to the care that your lovedhands-1209337_1920 one is receiving. If you are unable to visit frequently, you may not be aware of all that is occurring in the day to day routine at the facility. It’s for this reason, that we offer you insight into the care, routine, and services that the facility provides through frequent, in-depth visits with your loved one. We will inspect their environment, their surroundings, their interactions with the staff and other residents, their physical appearance and their bodies. Our family advocates are your eyes on the ground when you can’t be here yourself.

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Are you confident that your spouse or parent is receiving all the care they are entitled to? Are all their needs being met? What about their wants? If no one with a vested interest in your loved one is stopping by unannounced to be sure they’ve bathed, dressed, are toileted frequently, are being fed and/or eating, and getting out of bed on a regular basis, how do you know it’s happening?

Decline is very common and can occur rapidly when the elderly need assistance to do the most basic of tasks that used to be easy. No one wants to have to call someone to help them get out of bed or use the restroom. It’s easier to lay there and utilize incontinence products than it is to wait for an aide to respond then have to ask for help. It’s our belief that the aide should be proactive in the resident’s needs and desires. Your loved one shouldn’t have to ask and all of their needs should be met whether you’re watching or not, simply because it’s the right thing to do. However, with staff having several residents to care for, your isolated loved one can easily be overlooked for those who are being monitored by family and friends.

Protection. Our biggest concern in life is the safety and protection of those we love. We express it in simple words as “be careful”, “text me when you get home” and “watch your step”. Unfortunately, the dangers that lurk in facilities are much more serious than we’d like to believe. Elder abuse and neglect occurs to one in every ten elderly people. It’s reported that for every one that is reported, there are five that go unreported which brings the statistics to 1 in 6 adults that suffer at the hands of a caregiver. Nearly 50% of those with dementia will be abused. In a recent survey of 2000 nursing home residents, 44% reported having been abused and 95% reported being neglected or having seen another resident being neglected.

woman-65675Insite is your greatest ally in the prevention of abuse and neglect. We will provide you with the insight, on-site on a weekly basis. We show up, unannounced and if your loved one is in any state besides having received exceptional care, we are there to advocate for your loved one and on behalf of your family to get the situation resolved immediately. You will be notified and can take action as well.

Our staff has been trained on the invisible signs of abuse and neglect. We know what to look for, what questions to ask and what responses indicate there is more than meets the eye. The staff, knowing that there is someone watching out for your loved one on your behalf, is much less likely to allow your loved one to slip between the cracks and/or become a target of abuse and neglect.

Our family advocates are an extension of your family, we are a partner in the care of your loved one. As a company, and individually, we are vested in the best interest of your loved one and advocate for them and you to the staff and facility.  It is our duty and pleasure to provide your family with complete Visibility, ensure the utmost of Integrity from those entrusted with their care, and provide your resident with Protection from any foreseeable harm.

Your loved one deserves VIP status, you deserve the peace of mind knowing that dependent-441408they are ok. Click here to get started today!