Transition Services

luggage-1081872Transition Services

Change is a stressful thing. Add in unpredictable schedules, strangers, new surroundings, and isolation and suddenly that simple change causes major upheaval in the life of a senior. The family often feels an undeserved dose of guilt for having to make the difficult decision to put their loved one in long term care and that complicates the situation even more.

Transition services are available only to those families that are new to long term care, returning to a facility after a hospital stay, those who are changing facilities or levels of care within the same facility. Often families will help move in the new resident and help them get acquainted with their new surroundings but that frequent contact fades over the first couple of weeks. Staff are supposed to help the process by introducing schedules, other residents and activities to the new resident but with a full schedule already, they often are too busy to spend one-on-one time making them feel welcome.

Insite family advocates will visit your loved one, make sure they are adjusting to the new routines, people, activities and schedules of the facility. We work one-on-one with your loved one making introductions, exploring the facility and the grounds, encouraging and supporting them in social activities. We often attend meal times and start conversations around the table so the pressure is off of the “new kid” to fit in.

In addition to the Transition services, we will provide VIP Sessions weekly as well. These VIP Sessions are to ensure that your loved one is being cared for by the staff in a manner consistent with our high standards and are not being subjected to abuse or neglect. Our Transition Services are offered for two, three or four weeks depending on the needs of your loved one and we can continue to visit with your loved one with Companionship or only VIP Sessions after the transition has been completed and your resident is acclimated.

If your loved one is moving or has recently moved into long term care and needs help adjusting, contact us today by clicking here!