Immediate Sessions

Immediate Sessions

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” Abraham Hicks

It’s a phone call we all dread when we have a loved one in the care of someone else,pretty-1357039 whether it’s from the daycare provider, the school nurse or the Charge nurse at the long term care facility, someone is sick, has fallen or has become injured. When your loved one is elderly, all of these ailments become intensified as do your emotions when you hear the news. In situations like this, if you live close and are able, you rush to the facility or hospital to check on your loved one. If you aren’t able to be there, Insite can be there for you.

Our family advocates will get to the facility or hospital, provide you with up-to-date information, severity of the illness or injury and keep you in the loop until you can arrive or until the emergency has passed.

Perhaps it isn’t a medical emergency that puts you on edge but a typical call on a Tuesday evening and you can’t understand what your parent is saying to you. The words are jumbled and the speech is slurred, it’s just not making any sense. After having the facility staff check on them immediately, call Insite to be your eyes and ears on-site to be sure that the caregivers are following up on the monitoring, care and communication with doctors and nurses if there is anything going on. If it’s a false alarm, at least you have the peace of mind that the staff wasn’t just making nothing out of something and you know all is well with  your loved one.

Immediate sessions are usually available within 2 hours of your call depending on our schedule for the day. Immediate sessions do take priority over other sessions in the day, however, travel times and the personal schedule of the advocate may not allow for arrival prior to the 2 hour window.

If you’ve received a call or message that causes you worry, Click here to contact us now!