Next Steps

Caregiving from a distance can be challenging and we are here to help.  Once you’ve decided that your loved one would benefit from more visitors, supervised care, and your mind will be more at ease, here is what you can expect in our process.

We Get to Know You and Your Loved One

If possible, we prefer to meet one-on-one with you and your loved one to get an understanding of what is most important to you and him/her regarding the care being received. We consider this time to get to know each othimagesARM7ZTKMer very valuable.  Simply filling out a piece of paper with a bunch of questions really doesn’t let you know the dynamics of the person and the family ties. If that is not possible, we like to speak with you for about 30 minutes to clarify what you expect from us and identify any topics that could come up in conversation with the resident that may be emotional. For example, if there has been a recent death of a spouse, birth of a grandchild, graduation or other family event, those are the types of things our staff would like to be aware of and gives us a great way to start a dialogue with your loved one.

Determine Needs, Yours and Theirs

After we get to know a little more about your family, we can determine the number of sessions you would be comfortable with each month. If there is reason to be concerned that your loved one may be experiencing some degree of abuse or neglect, the more often our staff is on-site, the better. We suggest a minimum of once per week, or four times per month. More sessions can be added at any time via email or text to our scheduling coordinator.

If you are looking for a little more knowledge and would like more frequent visits just for entertainment and companionship, we can do that too. If your loved one requires more attention or would simply prefer more attention, we will work with you to set up a schedule that works for everyone.

Your Family Advocate is Chosen and  Sessions Begin

All of our national staff are trained and certified CNA’s, LPNs, or RNs. We will choose from our vast database, the family advocate that best fits the personality and needs of your loved one. Generally, you are welcome to speak to the advocate that provides the session with your loved one if you have questions or concerns or if you need to reschedule around your planned visits. You’ll receive a report every time there is a session provided. Open communication between Insite and the family is crucial to the success of the sessions. Please share any information that would make a difference in the strategy for protecting your loved one.