End Of Life Services

In our geographically diverse world many of us live more than a few hours away from our families. Sometimes, death comes unexpectedly and other times, there is a steady process that indicates death is near. When the call comes from the staff that your loved one is nearing the end of life, it is often a mad rush to gesky-199154t travel plans arranged, schedules moved around and the emotional rollercoaster of stress starts. One of those frantic phone calls you make can be to Insite. We can provide a family advocate to sit with your family member, hold their hands, play soothing music, cover them with a blanket or wipe their brow with a cool towel. Most of all, what we can provide is the peace to you knowing that, if he or she should pass before you arrive, you know they didn’t die alone and that they received all the comfort measures available.

Upon notification of the death, if you would prefer, we can pack your family members room to remove that task from you list. We can stay with the body until you or the funeral home arrives and provide up-to-date information as your extended family. Your loved one deserves the dignity of a peaceful end of life and you deserve peace in your heart knowing that you provided for them until the very end.

Due to the nature of End of Life services, it is difficult to predict ahead of time. If it is likely you will not be able to be present due to geographic distance, it is highly recommended you take advantage of this service.

Insite has several contacts in pastoral care, accounting, attorneys and funeral services to help ease you through the process either at need or prior to. We are happy to refer you to those services upon your request.

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