Companionship Services

Companionship Services

We never outgrow our need for love and companionship.

Isolation is a factor in rapid decline for those in long term care. Those of us who are fortunate enough to live long lives, build friendships, careers, homes and families, often end up all alone in a nursing home. It’s an unfortunate circumstance that our loved ones who once lived vibrant lives of social events, lunch dates, card games on Friday nights, tennis on the weekends and attending grandkids soccer games are now left to stare out the window of the room they share with a stranger. What would it mean to your loved one to have a consistent visitor to play cards with, have a book read to them, to take a walk outside by the water, to sew with, to tell stories to, have lunch with, watch the game or any other number of things with?play-141679

Insite can provide this much sought after companionship for your loved one. It’s our pleasure to spend a couple of hours hanging out with your loved one. We get as much out of our time with them as they get out of us being there! Nursing homes are supposed to be “home” for the residents, they are, after all, residents, not patients. It’s our goal to make the space and experience as “home-like” as possible. Prior to moving into the facility, friends came over to spend time laughing and eating, watching TV and talking. We aim for that same experience to occur again, just at a different location. Needing additional assistance beyond what can be done at home should not mean that you stop living!


Our Companionship Services are offered in conjunction with our VIP Sessions so your loved one will be sure to receive the best care the facility has to offer. All the friendship and fun won’t matter if your loved one isn’t having the basic needs met. VIP Sessions check for all basic needs, safety and security of the surroundings and the relationships between your loved one, staff and other residents, alerting you to potential issues.

Are you ready to provide your loved one with some much needed Companionship?

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