When Aging in Place is no Longer an Option, We Help Your Family Continue to be Involved in the Care of Your Loved One!

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VIP Sessions –

Visibility, Integrity, Protection

NursingHomeClosure_09Through our research and experience based check system, our family advocates will provide you with a report each time your loved one is visited in their facility. Our multi-faceted system gives you peace of mind that all aspects of your loved ones environment, personal care and social needs are being met at the highest standards.

An example of what we look for each time we visit is safety, cleanliness of facility, room, and common areas; ensuring physical needs of resident are being met including skin care, cleanliness, dressing, hygiene and oral care; reassuring you that their social and emotional needs are being met with interaction, participation, involvement, stimulating activities, etc.

Part of the reason we want to get to know your family and loved one so well in the beginning is to be able to recognize changes and make you aware of them as they happen. If your mom always wears lipstick and when we visit, she’s indifferent about her appearance, you should know that. If your dad is always clean shaven and he has a full beard when we visit, you should know that too. These little things can add up quickly toward a decline and should be addressed with the staff caring for them. If you’re not watching for these subtle, but important changes, who is?

Transition Services

Change is a stressful thing. Add in unpredictable schedules, strangers, new surroundings, and isolation and suddenly that simple change causes major upheaval in the life of a senior. The family often feels an undeserved dose of guilt for having to make the difficult decision to put their loved one in long term care and that complicates the situation even more.

Transition services are available only to those families that are new to long term care, returning to a facility after a hospital stay, those who are changing facilities or levels of care within the same facility. Often families will help move in the new resident and help them get acquainted with their new surroundings but that frequent contact fades over the first couple of weeks. Staff are supposed to help the process by introducing schedules, other residents and activities to the new resident but with a full schedule already, they often are too busy to spend one-on-one time making them feel welcome.

Insite family advocates will visit your loved one, make sure they are adjusting to the new routines, people, activities and schedules of the facility. We work one-on-one with your loved one making introductions, exploring the facility and the grounds, encouraging and supporting them in social activities. We often attend meal times and start conversations around the table so the pressure is off of the “new kid” to fit in.

In addition to the Transition services, we will provide VIP Sessions weekly as well. These VIP Sessions are to ensure that your loved one is being cared for by the staff in a manner consistent with our high standards and are not being subjected to abuse or neglect. Our Transition Services are offered for two, three or four weeks depending on the needs of your loved one and we can continue to visit with your loved one with Companionship or only VIP Sessions after the transition has been completed and your resident is acclimated.

If your loved one is moving or has recently moved into long term care and needs help adjusting, contact us today!

Companion Services

imagesD423PHQ9Perhaps your parent is more capable than most of the others who live with them in the facility. Maybe your loved one is more vocal, prone to wandering, or just prefers to be the center of attention. Companion services may be an option for you. Your loved one will enjoy a friendly visit for a couple of hours one or more times per week. They will have someone to have lunch with, play a card game, reading a book out-loud, writing a letter, playing a board game or other fun activity.

An additional benefit of companion care is that the staff of the facility begins to expect visitors for your loved one and will typically provide better care to those who have company. Companion care does not involve any reporting back to you or other observation and can only be utilized in addition to VIP Services.


Immediate Sessions



Has this happened to you? You get off the phone with your mom or dad and something just doesn’t feel right. You noticed slurred speech or confusing sentences and you’d feel better if you knew everything was ok. Perhaps you got a call that mom fell, you’re told she’s alright by the staff, but you need to see it for yourself…if only you lived closer, you could. If you want us to check it out and stop by for your peace of mind and to have an independent opinion on the situation, we are happy to provide that to you.



End of Life Services

hands-578917No one should die alone. Often, you will receive notice when it appears your loved one is near the end of his/her life. If you are unable to be with your parent or spouse for whatever reason, or you are in need of someone to sit with your loved one while you travel to the facility, Insite’s trained staff can provide comfort and companionship. We’ve been by the bedside of our beloved residents as they have left this world, and for their families, the comfort they take knowing they were not alone brings much peace as they grieve. Due to the nature of end of life care, this can be discussed prior to need but can be added when necessary to provide you peace of mind.

Pre-Screening Facility Services

Choosing a nursing home for your family member is a very complicated and difficult decision. With many factors and options to weigh, you’ll want an experienced opinion rather than just a sales pitch from the Admissions Director. You’ll want to be sure that the facility fits the personality and needs of the resident, from white-gloved service to an oak dining room table serving family-style dinner, there are many options to consider. How do you really know that your loved one will be receiving the highest quality of care through a simple tour and quick pass through of the rooms? Is there a waiting list or can you move in right away? Is there options for continued care if the condition worsens over time? What is the staff ratio of care givers to residents? If you’re trying to make this complex decision over the phone, Insite can be your eyes and ears on the ground no matter where the facility is located.

Insite’s team can provide you an independent opinion based on documented state reporting, physical inspections of the facility, observations of current resident status, and conversing with the staff who will be caring for your loved one. It is our goal to help you choose the best place with the best fit for your family member. It is not our place to recommend any one facility over another and we do not claim to do so. We provide you the information and our opinion based on years of experience and documentation so you can be informed to make the best decision. Insite advises that you speak to an attorney before signing any admissions document.

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