How is Insite different from home health care and geriatric care managers?

Insite’s services are very different from home health and geriatric care management in that we only service clients that live in facilities and we do not provide any medical care, transportation, or coordination of services. Our services are observation and reporting under the trained clinical eyes of our Family Advocates on the care that is being received and the condition of your loved one in facilities only. We are your extended family with eyes and ears on the ground when you can’t be there yourself. We have a vested interest in your loved one as an independent 3rd party. We are only looking out for you and your family!

It seems as though you are “spying” on the facilities to get them in trouble. How do the facilities feel about having you there observing them?

Most of the long term care facilities where we work welcome us as an extra set of eyes and frequently ask our Family Advocates for their observations on what they could do better. Any facility that doesn’t want to be observed should be a red flag for families. We don’t go into a facility looking for things to point out, we are there to ensure and promote your loved one’s quality of care in your absence. Having an Insite Family Advocate in a skilled nursing or long term care facility increases the level of care for all the residents there.

Dad is being released from the hospital into a nursing home this week. We have to go back to work. How can you help us?

We can provide a trained, clinical Family Advocate to meet with you before you leave to discuss what observations you’d like to have when you return home. We consider this move a Transition so we’ll be there providing Transition services even if the plan is for him to return home in the near future. We want to prevent decline and keep spirits high so he can recover. If the plan is for him to remain in the facility, we will still do the Transition piece then work toward VIP sessions once he’s recovered and acclimated. You will not have to worry about his care with Insite by your side.

Mom’s been in a nursing home for a while now, is it too late to start services?

If you have any concern about decline or quality of care, it is never too late to start services. Even if you’re not concerned, maybe you just aren’t aware of the current state of affairs. Let us check in for you and give you a clinical opinion on your loved one’s status. We’ve had clients bounce back from weight loss and illness by showing a designated interest in their care. Depressive states have been eased by Companionship and having a consistent visitor. We can help in almost any situation, call us for specific information about your situation. 904-903-1978

My parent doesn’t want to be the “squeaky wheel” and ask for things that the facility provides, can you help speak up for him?

Absolutely! We often find many residents are unaware of all they can be provided at no additional charge. They are often afraid to ask for second helpings of food or an extra blanket. We are happy to ask for them and make them feel comfortable to ask when we’re not around.

Why would my mom need Transition Services? I’m paying for them to do that already, right?

You would think that most facilities offer some kind of orientation and you’d be right. Unfortunately, the orientation is for the family and not for the resident. We see resident’s that are afraid to venture out of their rooms at the nursing home for fear they won’t know how to get back and they’ll have to ask, which can be embarrassing. We see resident’s that have numerous amenities available to them at the facilities that they don’t take advantage of because they don’t know how to get there and back. Transitions Services offer to be a one-on-one question answerer, explorer, navigator, introducer and friend. Even middle schoolers get an orientation, your loved one deserves the same opportunity in their new home.

What feedback do I get from Insite Services?

Great question! Insite exists to provide families with trained observations of their loved ones in long term care. VIP Sessions are reported to the family after every visit. You’ll know what was observed and what we saw that could be improved upon through a detailed assessment form. If we spoke to the staff on your behalf, you’ll know that right away. Transition and Companionship is less formal with a quick note letting you know what your loved one and the Family Advocate did that week so you have a conversation starter when you speak to your family member. Immediate Sessions and End of Life requires a direct link to you and the Advocate. You’ll be getting a minute-by-minute update on the situation.

Do you work in Assisted Living Facilities as well as Skilled Nursing?

Yes! We work in assisted living, skilled nursing, group homes, residential care facilities, retirement communities, memory care and many more.

We’ve just moved mom into an Assisted Living Facility and I just want to be sure she’s adjusting well. Can we hire you for a short term contract?

Of course! Our Transition Services are geared toward skilled nursing and other long term care but we are happy to offer a package to be sure she gets settled in and knows her way around. Call us for more details! 904-903-1978

Can I change my services at any time?

You may upgrade at any time to add additional VIP Sessions, Companionship, or Transition Services. If you are having concerns, please call us so we can work together on a plan of care to bring you peace of mind and your loved one better care. Services are based on a 12 month contract that you pay for in monthly increments. We have a 30 day cancellation policy if your circumstances change and the contract terminates immediately upon death of the resident.