Facility Support

How we can support the facility?

Insite’s clients have a higher resident satisfaction level due to the increased personalized attention.

Our extra set of eyes helps insure that the resident’s needs are met through improved care and therefor retention rates are high.

Often, a third party viewpoint can highlight the strength of the staff or make the facility aware of areas for improvement.

With our well trained, clinical approach we can identify and communicate situations before they spread and therefor potentially avoid state violations.

Our awareness of intricacies of the resident will help the facility provide a more personalized level of care for the resident.

Our transition services are focused on helping the new resident with orientation to their new home.  Our assistance reduces anxiety, facilitates a quicker transition, and improves retention.

For those families that can not visit, we provide peace of mind and reassurance on the condition of their loved one in the long term care facility.